BOLD Day ChallengeI recently undertook a 100 day challenge of finding ‘BOLDness’ in our industry. Each day was a little something fun to share. For 100 Days, I have been on cloud nine as I shared inspiration, motivation and innovation with those who had enrolled in 100 Days to BOLDness with me. Facebook, Linked In, Google +, and my personal website were filled with  these messages. I felt great! I began to think of how we could continue this after the 100 Days to BOLDness and started envisioning sharing this great feeling in a system that would have my fellow professionals feeling as great as I do! Our marketing company has been producing Gratitude Marketing strategies and products, and it made sense to share the ‘love’.

Starting January 1st I challenge you to take the 365 BOLD Day Challenge. Write and send one thank you note per day expressing appreciation to someone. When you take the Pledge, you will be enrolled in a tracking system that records who you sent your notes to. Other plans include building your database of your note recipients, providing Gratitude Marketing Cards to help you inspire,  and business building solutions. The act will condition you to discover gratitude, and the gifts you bestow upon others will be priceless!